sistinaThe CS minor/concentration consists of six courses

One required course: Modern Catholicism (REL 313) and five electives from a list of approved course.

Core Course: Modern Catholicism (REL 313)

The core course (REL 313) fulfills the Post Freshman Writing Requirement as well as GER:HSCW. During the semester, the course benefits by visiting speakers and informal student discussion groups. Modern Catholicism is taught by Dr. Phillip Thompson (Exec. Director, Aquinas Center).

Five Elective Courses

Five elective courses must be taken from the list below, with a maximum of two courses per department.

Art History

  • ARTHIST 231 Early Medieval Art

  • ARTHIST 232 Monastery and Cathedral

  • ARTHIST 243 Early Renaissance Art/Architecture

  • ARTHIST 244 High Renaissance Art/Architecture

  • ARTHIST 259 Historical Perspectives on European art


  • HIST 303 History if the Byzantine Empire

  • HIST 304 The New Europe

  • HIST 305 The High Middle Ages

  • HIST 306 The Italian Renaissance

  • HIST 307 Europe from the Reformation to the Enlightenment


  • ITAL 171 Introduction to Italian Studies II


  • LAT 320 Medieval Latin


  • PHIL 300 Medieval Philosphy

  • PHIL 358 Philosophy of Religion


  • REL 311 Early and Medieval Christianity

  • REL 350 Jesus and the Gospels

  • REL 351 Paul and His Letters


  • SOC 333 Sociology of Religion

Seminars And Special Topics Courses

(Students must seek prior approval before selecting any of the following courses)

  • ARTHIST 349 Renaissance Art History

  • ARTHIST 475 Seminar in Medieval European, Renaissance, and Baroque Art

  • ENG 190/ PHIL 190/ REL 190 Freshmen Seminars

  • ENG 489 Authors of Literary Movements

  • HIST 487 Junior/Senior Colloquium

  • PHIL 480 Seminar: Individual Philosopher

  • PHIL 482 Topics in Philosophy

  • PHIL 470/ REL 470 Joint Seminar

  • REL 356 Theological Reflection

  • REL 369 Religion and Film REL

  • 387/ ENG 387 Literature and Religion

  • SOC 389 Special Topics in Sociology

Newly Added

Summer Studies in Italy Program: May-June

  • ITAL 270WR: Introduction to Italian Culture and Civilization

and one of the following:

  • ITAL 376WR: Medical Humanities:Medicine & Compassion

  • ITAL 376WR/Rel 390: Healer and Healing: Religion, Compassion, Ethics

Coming Soon

Semester program in Rome, Italy