Catholic Directed Study

sistinaThe Catholic Directed Study Course is for students interested in pursuing an independent study project. This independent study project is based on the student's own interests and goals. For more information on this course or for permission, please contact the Aquinas Center.

From a student:

First of all, I would highly recommend an independent study course no matter what the discipline. Taking this course has been one of the most fulfilling scholarly experiences at Emory. Having an interest in theology, I found no other course that contained this topic. I had the opportunity to learn what I wanted to learn with the individualized attention that any student would love to have. The course was structured in the topic of my choice, having class at least once a week, and finishing with an essay again on the topic of my choice. It was not an easy course as Catholic Theology is a very broad topic, but I learned so much. It was definitely worth all the hard work. Thanks to this course, I decided on my next step after college and I am now going to pursue a masters in Theology. Again no matter if you're interest is Catholic Theology or not, I would definitely take an independent study course into consideration; it is truly a unique experience.

-Rosy Gómez, Class of 2012, Neuroscience & Behavioral Biology Major & Catholic Studies Minor