Welcome to the Catholic Studies Program

"I never thought that I would have such an opportunity to engage my Catholic faith in an entirely new way in college, let alone at a non-Catholic institution. The Catholic Studies program is unique because it offers unparalleled interdisciplinary courses, amazing professors, and the resources of the Catholic Center and the Aquinas Center of Theology. It has been a way for me to deepen my faith and broaden my knowledge of the Church. Some of my most formative experiences during college, including a summer study abroad in Italy and an internship with the Holy See's Mission to the United Nations have come as a direct result of the support and guidance of Catholic Studies. The Catholic community is full of amazing students, faculty, and leaders; I have been truly blessed to have been a part of it these past four years."

       -David Ryan Stevenson, Class of 2016, Latin & International Studies, Catholic Studies Concentration

"My interest in the Catholic Studies minor is obviously faith based; however, I feel that I have also been drawn to the intellectual aspect of this minor. I realized that my Catholic Education did not have to end in high school, and that I could continue to explore it from a new perspective. I am curious to explore the political, social, and economic aspects and influences that the Catholic Church offers the world."

       -Emma Mustafa, Class of 2014, Math & Economics, Catholic Studies Minor

"Being able to pursue a higher academic study in Neuroscience and Catholic Studies gave me confirmation that indeed I made the correct decision in choosing Emory. I have realized that the minor has greatly complimented my studies and has positively influenced my academic career. In pursuing Catholic Studies, I have been able to learn more about the Catholic Church in a scholarly manner and have gained critical academic skills."

       -Rosy Gómez, Class of 2012, Neuroscience & Behavioral Biology, Catholic Studies Minor